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Серийное - homapage — ЖЖ
Декабрь 17, 2010
11:37 pm


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Со скуки читаю текстовые «сериалы» на любительских сайтах и переписываюсь с авторами. Забавное ощущение некоторой интерактивности.


Hi there.

I really liked this chapter, and it is quite promising, too :) I just can't wait till "sometime next week" to see how the other people will react.

Seems like poor naive Jason's chosen a blabbing fool for a girlfriend, though. She could at least show some respect to her beaus's friends so as not to start asking questions and making speculations for all the gang to know. Nate and Vicky too might not be that eager to come out with all their stuff right away...



Nice to hear from you again :D Yeah, Jen isn't exactly the best at keeping her mouth shut but in my experience girls usually aren't. So basically most of the reactions people have are based partly on my own experiences with similar types of people. And sometimes I just make shit up to get the story where I want it to go, hehe.

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